The region of the Serrania is characterized by the presence of a very well preserved wild nature fruit of a low population density, distributed in small rural areas, being the most important the "city" of Sigüenza. In the landscape, agricultural crops alternate dry land with large forest masses rich in flora and fauna, many of them are protected and integrated into the Natura 2000 network, and numerous ravines or sickles that lead to spectacular landscapes and some reservoirs.

Notable is El Río Dulce whose landscape and environmental values ​​have been collected in the figure of the Barranco del Rio Dulce Natural Park and filmed in numerous chapters of the series The Man and the Earth directed by the naturalist Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.

Also, the Tajuña river presents, in its headwater, a navigable reservoir: La Tajera, with a great environmental value. Among the forests belonging to the Natura 2000 network we highlight the "ZEC El Rebollar de Navalpotro" mountain of 1,100 hectares, located between the towns of Navalpotro and La Fuensaviñan and awarded with the first Red Natura 2000 prize granted by the EU