El Río Dulce

Discover all the information about the building of the Active Tourism Center and its environment.

Active Tourism

The project consists of the creation of a center of leisure and active tourism in the town of Navalpotro (Torremocha del Campo), taking advantage of the natural and cultural resources and the landscape offered by the region of Serranía de Guadalajara.

Natural environment

The region of the Serrania is characterized by the presence of a very well preserved wild nature; the result of low population density distributed in small rural areas, being the most important the "city" of Sigüenza. In the landscape, dry agricultural crops alternate with large forest masses rich in flora and fauna; many of them protected and integrated into Natura 2000 Network, and numerous ravines or sickles that lead to spectacular landscapes and reservoirs.

Our facilities

We satisfy the demand for activities in the natural environment for school groups, families, groups of friends and business groups. Thanks to the creation and implementation of facilities we make possible the practice of adventure, sports and training activities that the environment offers, expanding the tourism offer of the region.

The project's figures








Natural spaces

Project progress

  • 1. Earth movement
  • 2. Foundation
  • 3. Edification
  • 4. Facilities
  • 5. Urbanization / Landscaping